Custom Made Fine Furniture

We pride ourselves in our attention to design esthetics, craftsmanship and attention to detail. We spend a great deal of time in design and collaboration to ensure that your project is perfect for you... and will last a lifetime.

Commercial Furniture and Millwork

Creating pieces for public spaces is a passion for us. Whether you're planning for a restaurant, office space, or any other commercial property we'd love to work together to make it something special.

CNC Services

"CNC" stands for Computer Numerical Control. We use a CNC router for a great deal of our work, especially when it comes to cutting plywood to perfect dimensions or creating a piece with complex curvature or 3D features.

We also provide CNC serves to you. If you have a special design or sheet goods that need to be cut - we're here to help.

Design and 3D Modeling

We create detailed 3D models in Fusion 360 for almost every project that we build. We're also available to model and design pieces for you. If you're interested in having designs done, please reach out to us.

Angel City Woodshop

1021 S. Fairfax Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90019

Phone: 323-521-9799

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