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Have dimensions ready. If you're not exactly sure about the measurements for your piece, that's ok! Simply having an approximate guess is still very helpful. 


Some types of furniture, such as dining tables, desks, benches, and bathroom vanities have a range of standard dimensions. Other pieces of furniture ​​do not. There's a lot of room for creativity and personal preference.


Here are a few guidelines that may help you as you prepare a design or quote request:​

Dining Tables

Standard Height: 30"

Height Range: 28"-31"

Width: No Standard

Length: No standard


Standard Height: 28"

Height Range: 26" - 30"

Depth: 24"+

Length: No Standard


Standard Height: 18"

Width: No standard

Length: No standard

Bathroom Vanity

Standard Height: No Standard

Height Range: 30" - 36"

Depth Range: 20" - 24"

Length: No Standard

Image by David Boca


Wood Species:

  • What kind of wood would you like to use in your project? Is there a certain tone that matches your existing furnishings?

  • Do you know whether you'd like your project to be made from solid wood, plywood, veneer, or another material?


Secondary Materials:

  • Does your project also include other materials, such as metal or special components?​

  • Do you have any reference images?


The Finish:

  • Would you prefer your piece to have a matte, satin, or gloss finish?

  • Our most commonly used finishes are oil, lacquer, and conversion varnish.

Image by Bogdan Shcheglovitov


Drawers and Pulls:

  • What style of drawer or door pull do you prefer?

  • What kind of hardware finish? Common finishes include painted colors, chrome, brass, nickel, etc.

  • Does the design need hardware or would push-to-open or finger pulls be more appropriate? 


Drawer Slides​:

  • What kind of drawer slides do you prefer? We typically use Blum undermount soft-close drawer slides because they are adjustable on all three axes.



  • What kind of hinges? There are also many good options for hinge brands, but we prefer to use Blum soft-close hinges for all swinging doors.

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